Monday, April 30, 2012

May Day Poem and May Baskets

May Day
Let us take our baskets early
To the meadows green.
While the wild flowers still are pearly
Where the dewdrops sheen.
Fill them full of blossoms rosy,
Violets and gay
Cowslips, every pretty posy
Welcoming the May.
Then our lovely loads we'll carry
Down the village street,
On each door with laughter merry,
Hang a basket sweet.
It is spring now,
Lazy folks awake!
See the pretty things we bring now
For the May Day's sake!

Old fashion May Baskets ready to be delivered tomorrow! 
Two slices of  "Mommy's Banana Bread" fill the inside.
The above poem is printed and attached to side.  Lilacs and pussy willows
help to decorate along with doilies, stickers, ribbon and Easter grass!
They can be filled with candy too! 

Eight lucky people will be receiving these baskets on May 1st.
Will you be one of them? 

Be creative...I used leftover scrapbook paper, old buttons for the sides
to cover staples, pretty stickers and a lot of thought! 
Resurrect the making and giving of May Baskets and start a tradition of your own!

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