Monday, January 28, 2013

Vintage Flower Containers Add Pizzaz and Smiles!

Pretty pink carnations and baby's breath add to this vintage
lady once sent to our Paternal Grandmother. This one as is with the others
was sent to patients in the hospital during the 40's, 50's and 60's!. 

When a baby was born or a get well wish was needed
florists used these darling containers.  A shelf in the
"back room"  is set aside for this little collection!

Whether it was a little lamb, kissing angels or one with
a religious motif...these gems filled with flowers would
bring a smile to someones face.
They are relatively inexpensive.  So...this spring when
your favorite antique shop opens start collecting.  Buy
a bunch of flowers or pick some from your own garden and
think of a lucky recipient!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Whitman's Chocolate Sampler 100 Years Old in 2012~ Yes, 2012

To increase chocolate sales during the hot summer months, Whitman's teamed up with GE to develop the first refrigerated display case.  In 1946, more than 9,000 Whitman's refrigerated display were shipped to dealers across the country.  Our Father's store, "Buddy's Spa" was the recipient of one of these cases.  As a child, I can remember organizing the candy and cleaning the case.  I wish we still had this gem of a piece. Well, this is perhaps one of the only relics from the past we don't possess. 

Stephen Whitman began making chocolates in 1842.  Before America witnessed the Civil War, the first bottle of Coca-Cola, the first professional baseball league or even the birth of Milton Hershey, this young man from Pennsylvania was making chocolate!  The sampler was only meant to last a year! Today a Sampler is sold every 2-1/2 seconds! 

This 100th anniversary box of Whitman's Sampler was just  opened at our house. During World War II, hand-written notes of encouragement from the ladies on Whitman's production lines were packed into millions of Sampler boxes and shipped to servicemen overseas.    Many of these letters resulted in long term friendships and even a few marriages.  After 9/11 terrorist attacks, the tradition continued.  Sampler boxes containing hand-written notes were delivered to American troops headed to the Middle East.  

Yes we just opened it  after the holidays and in time for Valentine's Day! All of the information here was taken from the brochure enclosed in the box of 100th Anniversary Whitman's Chocolates. 

Enjoy What You Have in a Photographic Setting!

Pretty possessions should be put out on display for you to  enjoy!
Enjoy your things!
Here's a dress I wore in 3rd grade hanging on my old bedroom door!
Pretty purses are works of art!
Glittery costume jewelry bracelets hang on a vintage jewelry tree.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Grown-Up Grilled Cheese

Harvest Song Preserves
100% Natural
In the rich volcanic soil of Mt. Ararat, where Noah's ark
has said to have come to rest, family farms grown fruits
naturally and harvest them by hand. 
Go to
for more information!
This is a product we are very proud to sell!

On this first day of January 2013, and a cold one it is,
there is nothing better than some home-made soup and
a grown-up grilled cheese.  The sandwich is made with
traditional white bread, freshly shaved Parmesan cheese,
slices of freshly baked ham and topped with the
Sour Cherry Harvest Song Preserves!
What a way to start off the New Year!

Just a note...all of our meats and seafood are purchased
Tatnuck Meat & Seafood
1100 Pleasant Street, Worcester, MA 01602
Call in your orders ahead of time!
Closed Sunday and Monday
Tell Harvey, Mike or Andrew
Kathy Fleming or Nancy Doyle sent you!