Monday, December 19, 2011

Mr. Fur wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Mr. Fur says, "As you can see I am wearing my new red cloak!  It
was a gift from one of my pen pals, Mary.  She was very thoughtful
to have given me this lovely gift shortly after Thanksgiving.  Receiving
my present so early enabled me to get used to looking and sniffing at it. 
Kathy would put the cloak around me and I would just continuously
walk around the house...nonstop!  After a minute or two, she would take
it off.  I knew it was mine from the very beginning.  The color
compliments my fur and it easy on and off with a nice Velcro pom pom!
Of course, one may say this is silly for a feline like me to wear a red
cloak.  Yes, that is true because I wear a fur coat 12 months a year! 
He He!!  But I like to oblige my human friends! 
Well, that's enough about me...hopefully you are just about done your
shopping and baking and ready to enjoy the Christmas holiday!
Merry Christmas!"

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