Saturday, January 21, 2012

Before you know it...It's time for LOVE!!

Every year, our Father would give us each a box of Valentine Chocolates.
Schrafts Candies was the brand he carried in his store.  We put them in
the windows just as our Mother used to do.

Heart containers of any size and substance make a cute collection!

Valentine towels and old handkerchiefs are shown here.
Vintage floral containers are pretty all by themselves!
A heart made of vintage fabric is handmade of course!
Look around the house, you'd be surprised at how many things have
hearts on them.
Now for the Valentine's Day cards we never had the heart to throw
away.  We are so glad we have them all!  Placed in a basket, it is fun to
reminisce!  Start saving right now!  You'll be so glad you did!  They are
all so beautiful.
Here is Kathy's first Valentine's Day card!  Still in beautiful
shape and just as lovely as ever.  It was from Kathy's Godmother
and her husband!

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