Friday, August 2, 2013

Are You My Mother?

The other day, my sister, Nancy told me about an adorable
hooked rug she had seen on Sky Mall.  Although I was apprehensive to
purchase it because I really didn't have a space for this little feline rug. 
After seeing how cute it was I decided to order one. 
Well, UPS dropped it off yesterday.  This rug looked just like Mr. Fur!
So, I put it down on the floor and was thinking of where to put it.
When Mr. Fur walked in from outside,  he immediately went
to the rug and made himself at home. 

Tonight, he found the rug again snuggling up to the rug as a little
kitten to its Mother.  I wonder what he's thinking?  Does he think
it's his Mother?  Cats bond with their Mothers for just a short time. 
If they're lucky, they're off to start their lives with a loving family.
But, does that feeling of wanting your Mother for comfort,
encouragement and nurturing ever leave you?  Speaking from
experience, I would say "No."  A Mother's touch and love
are something everyone longs for feline or not.

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  1. That is so cute! What a great photo. I have never seen those rugs. Adorable...


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