Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The U. S. S. New York

The USS New York, Battle Ship docked at Pier 88 on the West Side of Manhattan.
While we're sleeping soundly in our beds at night or perhaps shopping
along with countless other activities that go on in our daily lives, the men and women
of our military are working 24/7 to protect us. 
Our VIP tour was led by a 2013 graduate of the U. S. Naval Academy. 
Ladies and Gentlemen...we have so much to be thankful for and certainly
proud of.  These men and women are trained and each have their own level
of expertise.  God Bless them and keep them safe!

Steel from the World Trade Center is what makes up the bow of this
ship.  Very impressive!

Reminders of 911 are evident throughout this ship starting with the
gangway and continuing on in all areas.

Table and chair covers have the words "Never Forget"
printed on them. 

A place is set for soldiers missing in action.  This was very
moving to see.

Pictures and memorabilia of 911 are found
everywhere on this special battleship.

A piece of steel from the World Trade Center is preserved
in a special way.  Another reminder of 9/11 that will live on
in our hearts and minds.  We shall never forget!

While up on the bridge, you could see all of Manhattan. 
The bridge itself, was overwhelming!  This whole experience
made you so proud to be an American!

When ships are commissioned, they are given silver for special
occasions.  This ship being named New York had a special
advantage as people and companies were most generous with their
donations especially, Tiffany!

U. S. S. New York

Broadway is a long hall on board the ship.  It is a meeting
place for the soldiers on board.  "I'll meet you on Broadway."

Steel and crumbled matter make up for this memorial
of 911 found in a seating area aboard the ship.

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