Monday, December 16, 2013

Mother Nature's Bliss!

Mr. Fur sits looking at the weather station and outside trying to determine
what to do on this "not yet" winter's day!  For a little guy like Mr. Fur
there is already lots of snow with winter abounding at every turn. 
He gets restless but finds sleeping during the day and playing with
his many toys at night helps to pass the winter time!

Moments ago, my sister called me to say, "Look out the window at the moon
rising over the icy pond"!  And...there it was rising in all of its glory!  There
are things we take for granted...the sun rising and setting and the same for the moon.
But, if you just stop for a minute and think of how miraculous this is.  It is beyond
words or explanation.  The full moon is tomorrow, December 17th.  Perhaps the
pending snowstorm will prevent us from seeing the December Moon at its fullest so, take
a look tonight.  Take it all won't happen again until next month!  Aren't we lucky?
This lovely occurrence  Mother Nature puts forth happens time after time, month after month! 
And...sometimes twice in one month!  The second full moon in a month is called a "Blue Moon"!
Check your 2014 calendars to see if and when the Blue Moons will occur.

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