Wednesday, October 2, 2013

From Mowing to Mulching...With a View!

Don't feel sorry for me choosing to mow the lawn all summer long
and now as the months change mulching is the chore of the day. 

I'm surrounded by nature and a beautiful view!  Reflections
of colorful leaves in the water make for a dimensional still life...
Mother Nature's painting right at hand!

At the water's edge, I see fish jumping, turtles sunning themselves,
chipmunks running here and there and of course the leaves crunch,
crunch under my feet. 

The colorful ferns, the tall stately white pine add to my
picturesque view. 
Are you feeling sorry for me...Don't, I'm loving every minute
mingling with nature. 

I mow and mulch and think of how lucky I am to be in such
beautiful surroundings.  Really, really I do!

Mother Nature's stage is set...I'm a stagehand and part of an
appreciative audience!
Are you aware of your surroundings? 
I'm sure there's beauty everywhere you look!  Just open your eyes!