Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Having trouble this morning adding photos to my blog.  Must be the snow!  I was going to post 2 photos that were actually obsolete because since those pictures were taken the other day, we have received 10 more inches.  But you could have used your imagination.  Couldn't you? 

This has been an unbelievable stretch of snowy weather.  I know people are fed up with it and so aren't I.  But, what I would like to say to Old Man Winter and Mother Nature is to "BRING IT ON!"  We are so close to breaking the snow record that I don't want to have gone through all of this shoveling and worry for nothing.  I want to be able to say, "I survived the winter of 2015 with the most snow on record and coldest temperatures on record."  Now, what do you think of that?  We might as well all go for it.  After all, in a little over a month it will be spring and I challenge anyone who thinks any different.  Meanwhile, take precautionary measures to ensure your family and property are safe and just enjoy the sleigh ride!  

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