Wednesday, June 3, 2015

In Loving Memory of Mr. Fur

Mr. Fur, our dear little feline friend, crossed over the "Rainbow Bridge" 
at 2:20 PM on Monday, June 1, 2015.  Our hearts are broken and we are 
devastated for his loss.  

Mr. Fur was a gentleman, polite, talkative, appreciative, did tricks, 
greeted guests, was calm and had impeccable manners.  He never 
jumped on the furniture or counters...he knew his place.  
Mr. Fur enjoyed living with us.  He had many luxuries afforded to 
him by my husband and me.  Mr. Fur drank his water from a glass, 
enjoyed his crunchies from Trader Joes, his dishes were crystal and were cleaned 
every time he ate.  He had monogrammed blankets.  Mr. Fur had his own little 
bridge across the brook.  The English garden bench became his own.  Mr Fur 
had his own heated bed from Hammacher and Schlemmer in New York. 
He had his own Christmas stocking along with his very own fresh catnip in the garden.
Through his writings, Mr. Fur touched many people young, old, shut-ins 
and the infirmed.  His letters brought smiles to many a face.  He in turn 
often received letters and cards along with an occasional gift from his admirers.
The Adventures of Mr. Fur, as they were originally called, began some 7 years ago. 
His adventures turned into letters that reached so many people and other felines too! 
Perhaps in the future, Mr. Fur's Adventures and his letters will be published. 
Stay tuned...Meanwhile, we mourn the loss of Mr. Fur and hold his memory dear to our hearts. 
Thanks to those of you who expressed your sympathy via Facebook and email.  Your cards, calls 
and letters have meant so much to us. 
With sadness and appreciation, 

He will be forever in our hearts. 

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