Monday, July 11, 2016

In Love With Blue!

Little cobalt blue vases with flowers from the garden are fun and change daily!

Waverly fabric, hydrangeas and Gurgle Pots make way for summer entertaining!
Cobalt Blue Depression Glass and Hobnail Old Fashions are ready for summer entertaining!     

Hydrangeas are a favorite especially the traditional blue!

Blue, blue...we love you blue!

Family photos framed in blue...and white are always classic!

Blueberry waffles on a beautiful summer, Sunday morning!  Bennington Pottery, Morning Glory Blue frames this breakfast!

SO...start looking around your house and start grouping your love of BLUE together!  Perhaps, we've started something!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

A Recipe from Susan Branch

A couple weeks ago, I received "Heart of the Home"  30th Anniversary Edition by Susan Branch.  Made the Green Bean Salad on page 63 (pictured above), Potato Packages on page 87  and the Lemon Chicken on page 101! 
Yummy!  This is a great book with wonderful recipes along with Susan's watercolor illustrations.