Saturday, August 13, 2011

Blueberries for the Picking!

This blueberry farm is a MUST!  Six acres of fabulous blueberries for a total of 5,000 perfectly pruned bushes make this a  tradition waiting to happen.  Off of Route 31 N in Spencer, Massachusetts take a left onto Browning Pond Road just past the Black & White Restaurant.Continue on that road as it turns into the town of Oakham. After several miles, you will see the above sign on your right.  Follow the dirt road to the end.  There will be a glorious sight.  Picking will be taking place for another 2 weeks.  Closed on Mondays but you can call 508.882.5591 to confirm the picking schedule. 

You will be given a pristine white pail with a plastic liner and brought to your
bush.  A white chair, for comfort awaits you!  How great is that picking
blueberries while sitting down!  While in this peaceful atmosphere, you will 
here people speaking about blueberry recipes.   

Blueberries are weighed on your way out!  Fortunately, there were no
ex ray machines...our bellies were full.


  1. Try the Jordan Marsh recipe too! It makes yummy muffins. Looks like a fun day. We'll have to get pickin'!

  2. We picked blueberries this summer, too. We had so many that we froze a bunch of them to enjoy when the weather gets cooler, and we're longing for fresh blueberry muffins.
    Didn't know about Derrick Farms ~ thanks for sharing!!


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