Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Two Sisters Hit the "Big Apple"

Upon our arrival at Grand Central Terminal, we stop at Juniors for the best Reuben's, corned beef and hot pastrami in the city!  The Grand Central Terminal Dining Concourse has everything you want.  There's no better way to start the day off by eating New York style food when just getting off the train.  Juniors pickled beets and half sours set the stage for the upcoming meal.  Don't forget to top off your lunch or dinner with their famous cheesecake, voted #1 by New York Magazine!


Shopping at Lord & Taylor...Nancy and I visit our personal Chanel gal, Alexis at the Chanel counter on Fifth Avenue!  There's nothing like having someone like Alexis looking after your beauty needs! 

Brooks Brothers on Madison Avenue is another favorite place especially when we're greeted by Ricky, Brooks Brothers' Ambassador!  He  was our personal escort and took us from one department to another!  What a way to shop!!  From men's ties onto trousers, polo shirts with the Golden Fleece emblem and into the ladies shop along with getting a tour of many wonderful added features of Brooks Brothers itself, we were given the VIP treatment and signed Ricky's guest book!  Ricky ensures everyone is made to feel special at BB.  On your next trip to BB on Madison Avenue ask for Ricky and tell  him the Two Sisters, Kathy and Nancy sent you!
Nancy and I were overwhelmed by the service and product line.  Madison Avenue is the place to be when you're buying men's and ladies clothing!  The children's line was out of this world with classic clothes that would make any parent proud and every child happy to be in these wonderful garments!  The days of classis beauty for all ages and genders is alive and well at Brooks Brothers.
We stay at the University Club on 54th and Fifth!  This private club is a stones throw from St. Patrick's Cathedral across the street from the Red Door, the Museum of Modern Art, Saks, Tiffany, Cartier and so much more!  Rockefeller Center is a few blocks away.   Great location for a great vacation!  It's our home when in New York.
Smilers has gorgeous flowers!  Whether your craving beautiful flowers or a fruit salad  to go...give this place a try.  There are several all around the city!  If you were a native New Yorker, you'd be stopping by Smilers to and from work.


  1. How exciting!!! I'll take that tour instead! Much better than my garden tour ;) Hearts to you and Nancy! I must get blogging myself! Alyssa

  2. P.S.- Fellow Readers...The Wall Street Kisses from the cookbook are DELICIOUS! You must make these! ;)


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