Sunday, February 9, 2014

From Russia With Love?

It may seem like we are in Russia...It is so cold, dark and everything is frozen!
Mr. Squirrel is chubby and has to eat too!  Looking out the window at this
fellow, we see an animal that is eager to survive despite the temperatures
and perhaps lack of food.  The seed bell must be delicious for him as he fights
to keep it in place.

You can see the pussywillow bush which he climbs up and
then gingerly leaps onto the suet feeder.  How can we knock on
the window to scare him away?  After all, it's been a long, cold and
difficult winter for him.  Survival must be a challenge.  I think
we all know how he must feel. 

So, we say...Let him enjoy a treat and sometimes lots of treats.
Mr. Squirrel is one of God's little creatures.  We watch
with amusement as he fills his belly, slips off the feeder and
falls head first into the snow.  Quickly, he recovers!  Just when
you think he's had enough and will scamper off,  he returns for more! 
Good for him!  Does he know spring is a mere 5-1/2  weeks away?

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