Saturday, June 21, 2014

It's That Time of Year Again!

A large snapping turtle has once again found her way up the 250 feet
from the pond to the edge of a perennial bed.  She's looking for the
perfect soft spot to lay her eggs. 
Each year around the 14th of June, Flag Day, this
natural phenomenon occurs. 

In the pouring rain
on this Friday the 13th of June,
she works very hard digging, looking around all the while being
totally aware of her surroundings. 

At last she has found the perfect place to deposit her eggs. 
Please know, she will lay the eggs, cover them up and return to
the water never again to return to this place.
In 3 months, the little turtles will hatch knowing everything there is
to know about life itself.  These little babies will never know their
mother but will instead upon being hatched find their way down
the lawn to the pond.  Isn't nature wonderful?!!
Will we see the little turtles when the hatch?  We'll see!
Hopefully, we'll be able to  catch a photo or two!

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