Saturday, June 21, 2014

White Flower Farm
Litchfield, CT

White Flower Farm has a wonderful catalog! 
Give them a call or sign up for it online.
The catalog is amazing and quite enjoyable.
I have purchased hydrangeas while sitting in my comfy chair!
Recently, we took a drive to White Flower Farm and
here is my report! 

They have prize begonias and so many varieties of herbs, flowers, bushes and so much more!

Take a walk around the farm.  I would recommend getting one of
the free maps of the property.  This will help you navigate the
greenhouses and gardens with ease!

I have purchased many different types of hydrangeas...among them
Little Lime, Pistachio, Pinky Winky and most recently Pistachio!
Take a trip in your car or from your easy chair! 
You'll love what you'll find for your garden at White Flower Farm!

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