Monday, July 18, 2011

Get Organized & Be Creative

 I live in my family home built in 1887.  I have a "backroom" with lots of old wooden shelves.  I group like things together whether they be milk glass, old bottles, cobalt blue items, canning jars (used for vases) and vintage buttons with like colors together.  These items are placed on the shelf in a color coded manor. Vintage floral containers, old presidential bottles and insulators are neatly kept in the "back room".  Decorating is fun when you're organized!

Be Creative!


The above little old desk chair was purchased at a yard sale in Kennebunkport, Maine.  An old children's history book was found at the fleamarket in Brimfield, Massachusetts.  I used the old pictures along with stickers to decorate this patriotic chair.  Decoupage is lots of fun! The chair on the right is my Halloween chair!  This chair is an old schoolhouse chair spray painted black.  Pictures from magazines and catalogs along with stickers decorate this "spooky" chair!  Start your Halloween chairs now!  They make great conversation pieces not to mention they are fun for little people to sit on! The Cottage Journal says, "Dating back to the reign of Queen Victoria, decoupage continues to be a cherished art form."  Get thinking, look around your home you must have old magazines, stickers and an old chair or table hanging around!  Get creative and enjoy the journey of decoupage!                                      

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  1. I love all that you do! You are so talented and organized! xoAlyssa


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