Sunday, September 15, 2013

As the Season Changes...So do the household settings!

As you must know by now...I spend a great deal of time in the kitchen.
A couple years ago, I started decorating the windowsill. 
Wooden, wax and glass apples are placed upon vintage doilies
and crocheted pot holders. 
Beyond is the porch with its black and white awning, outside
and my garden room!
I call it..."A room with a view!"

Mom's favorite candy dish is filled with candy corn colored
M & M candies!  Yummy!

Grandma's china in the "Poppy" pattern is on display
on a newly painted yellow wicker tray.  I've started to
paint some of the many, many white wicker trays other colors.
It is fun and easy with a can of spray paint!

Here's another newly painted yellow wicker tray. 
Black-eyed Susans have found their way on the porch table topped
 with one of Mom's vintage 54" squares!

My friend, Lou gave me this old school chair!
How many coats of paint does it have?
Who knows!  Thought I'd use it to hold some
zinnias and hydrangeas on the back porch.

More wicker given to me by a neighbor many years ago.
Each year it gets coated with a clear coat of spray
paint.  It preserves it through the spring, summer and fall
months of the year when it's on the Farmer's porch!
How do you like the tomato and zucchini harvest! 
Ready, set, cook!!!

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