Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bidding Summer Adieu!

It's labor Day weekend!  Yes, the summer appears to be over but...not really.
So, don't despair!  The Autumnal Equinox is on Sunday, September 22 and
there's still time for that last cookout of the summer season.  Although your
schedule will drastically change, linger in the twilight, catch a sunset and bid
the summer of 2013 a fond adieu when the time comes.
September is a time to visit the apple orchard, make that delicious apple pie and
savor in all things with cinnamon and apples.  After all..."An apple a day keeps
the doctor away!" 
September is a good time to make out that Christmas list!  Yes, you heard me right!
There's no time like the present to start planning for the holidays.  By making that
list, you may just free up more time to enjoy the festivities of the holiday season.
Celebrate "Citizenship Day on the 17th.  Learn about our constitution and spruce up
your knowledge on how our government runs.  Give thanks on being an American!
Take a walk under the "Huntress Moon!" The full moon appears on the 19th!
Visit the Farmers' Market...there you'll find delicious things for the harvest table.
Baked squash, that Sunday roast, applesauce and pie in many flavors, caramel
apples and cider doughnuts are in store for you!  Settle in and let the aromas of this
 wonderful time of year fill your home. 
Pick some newly fallen leaves, Bring these colorful gems inside and sandwich them
between wax paper. Place them in the largest book in the house, the dictionary. 
Do you still have one?  Pressing leaves in this manner is something our lovely
Mother did throughout her life.  In opening the dictionary, pressed leaves that
once touched our Mother's hands fall out and remind us of colorful days gone by.  
Times have certainly changed but one thing remains constant...this delightful time
awaits the discovery of your senses.  The feel, taste, sight and sounds of fall
await you!  Don't miss it!

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