Monday, April 21, 2014

A Glimpse of a Delicious and Beautiful Day!

Guests enjoy the delicious selection of homemade items!

Carrots with fresh dill, asparagus with a champagne vinaigrette
potato salad and pea and cauliflower salad are pictured here!
Notice the cabbage and vegetable themed tray.  Oh,
Mariposa and Vietri take center stage on this buffet table.
I just love my dishes and serving pieces! 

Selecting which ones to use, getting them ready and filled with
lovely recipes, looking at the entire table as these special pieces
become a focal point on a special day is what it's all about for me!
I don't even mind washing them and returning them to their year-long
places.  I enjoy visiting with them as I wash, wipe and dry these
much loved pieces.  My Mother used to say, if you don't dust and clean
off your collections, you won't even know they exist.  It is a nice way to
visit your lovely things!

Little Easter venues all have their own themes! 
Baby chicks...Don't you love them?

Our Easter Tree, filled with vintage cards given from years past,
little nests, and wooden eggs and bunnies! 
Do you have an Easter Tree?  If now, start thinking about one for next year!

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  1. That looks beautiful! Hopefully will be out in your neck of the woods soon. Would love to see you.


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