Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Victorian Fineries

Meet Carole Shaw of Victorian Fineries!
If interested in contacting Carole, please email me at
info@twosisterscookbook.com and I will put you in touch with her.
I am building a collection of Carole's superb work.

Carole Shaw is a very talented lady from Worcester, Massachusetts.
Carole's specialty is turning vintage fabrics, trims and buttons into
pillows, table runners, pocketbooks and so much more!

Here is a photo of one of my latest Carole Shaw pieces. 
Chickens, sunflowers, daisies complete the color pallet of
yellows, beige and greens. 

This is the first table runner I purchased several years ago. 
Notice the pies, baskets, cherries and flowers...
ALL things I love!

The "Strawberry" motif pillow is one of my favorites. 
Vintage handkerchiefs, buttons and even needlepoint grace
this masterpiece made by Carole!

On Saturday, I bought this pillow from Carole.  I especially love
the linen centerpiece.  Notice the little dog drying dishes and
the one which broke into 3 pieces after having been dropped!
I bought this one because I love to do dishes.  After all...we visit
with our things when we clean them all.
On the back of this piece is a patchwork quilt!

Beautiful buttons can be found on Carole's pieces. Here's a
pretty one on the corner of my latest runner.

Can you see the slices of pie on this runner? 
Everyone loves my pies...time to bake
Strawberry Rhubarb pies!!

Notice the needle work...small evenly spaced stitches, trim and buttons
make this piece so special.

You will be able to find Carole at an event on the
Common in Grafton on Saturday, June 21st!

Once you see her beautiful fineries, you'll be hooked just as I am!

Did I mention her gorgeous heart-shaped pillows and baby pillows
which can be put in the nursery on the rocking chair?  You must see...
You Must, You Must!!

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