Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hummingbirds...Bring Happiness and Color to Your Garden!

I found this pretty pot up in my garage.  Just by coincidence, it has
hummingbirds on it!  Just the other day, my friend, Tracy and I
were talking about attracting birds and all of the ones that come to our
feeders. She has hummingbird feeders and I used to have them. 
So, after finding the pot and our discussion, I decided to fill the pot
with hummingbird attractors. 

So...off I went to the local nursery!  There I found a wonderful
assortment of hummingbird attractors. 
Temari Verbena in Cherry Red  - Temari Verbena is an annual that
thrives in hot and is cold hardy temperatures to 14 degrees F.   Plant in full sun, avoid soggy soils
and fertilize once a month.

Cherry Red Verbena on the right. 
On the left some Starcluster Rose Pentas which will provide clusters of flowers
all season long.  They are low maintenance plants and limited deadheading
is required!

"Carnival" Coleus on the left is a vibrantly colored foliage.
It has wonderful shades of red, pink, purple and lime green.
The Coleus really compliments the colors of the pot and
other flowers. 

Do you love Hummingbirds?  In addition to a feeder,
you can stop by your local nursery and pick up flowers that
will bring hummingbirds to your deck or garden all summer long.

A suggestion:  Don't forget to look at the stick labels in each plant. 
They provide a wealth of information about their care. 


  1. I just had my first hummingbird yesterday morning!

  2. That looks beautiful! I love the pot with your combination. Red Verbena are one of my favorites.

  3. This looks beautiful especially in that planter. I love red verbena.


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