Monday, May 26, 2014

An Observation of a Neighbors Family Picnic!

There won't be a picture included in this posting.  You must use your imagination of kinder, gentler days gone by. 

My neighbors, who have 5 children, greatly fascinate me.  They are a real family unit.  This little family consists of a Mom and Dad along with 2 sons and 3 daughters.  The children all have the names of great grandparents and grandparents.  Each has a unique name.  You might say old fashioned.  Yes, that's what I'd call them. 

These children play outdoors from morning until dark the way I used to when I was a child.  They are exploring, making believe and discovering nature all the while being barefoot, footloose and fancy free.  We have a pond in our backyard and so their little voices echo and the sounds of games are magnified.  I can hear when they say, "I don't like this game." or "Let's pretend...!"  Computer games aren't in their daily diet of things to do.  Instead, they are being kids.  What a special childhood they are having.  Do they know it?  I don't think so but someday they will look back on days like this, the start of the summer, and smile. 

Parents and friends are sitting at a picnic table with a few umbrellas scattered around the yard.  Dogs are barking, hot dogs are cooking, friends and family members are sitting on lawn chairs listening to conversations, the voices of happy children and an occasional bird or two. 

I go outside to listen to the sounds of summer and a day that will be cherished in the memory of a child for years to come.  If only more families were like my neighbors, I believe the world would be a better place. 

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